She’s here!!!

Well, it took a year, but Carolyn is finally making the move. She arrived for her first really extended stay on Friday night. She makes the final, official move after the wedding (in 2 months!). Now we’re stocking my bachelor pad up to make it a little more friendly to others as Anna and Chewy get used to the confusion of another person around. And, as luck would have it, the hot water broke in my place. Allegedly, it’ll be fixed tomorrow morning. I never realized how much I love having a shower nearby. We have some nice friends who are letting us borrow theirs, but it takes a little trip to get there. Never fear, Linda, your daughter is not stuck without a hot shower.

In the meantime, I’m obviously very happy to have her here. It’s nicer to have your loved ones around in person than over the phone. And, the waiting is over as Carolyn begins her adjustment to a pretty big move. Here’s a picture of Carolyn and her new roommates:


2 Responses to “She’s here!!!”

  1. Mom and Dad Says:

    Yea Yea Yea!

    Have fun. Enjoy. Be filled with joy.

    Speaking of being “filled” with something….Chewy looks HUGE! What have you been feeding him?

    The Cubbies lost yesterday but it was because of really bad call by the umpire. We loved seeing the game – Lisa said it was like being on the field. We have a new family tradition…you just have to make sure you come to Tucson in March!

    Mom and Dad B.

  2. Leaky Says:


    Enjoy your holiday Carolyn.