London Fire

This was the view when I came out of my elevator this morning in my office:


My coworker came in for some work on Saturday and they were just putting it out. Since I took this picture, it seems as though the roof has collapsed even more and there people milling about taking pictures inside and whatnot. It was unoccupied at the time however, the part to the left was (I think) still an active hipster kind of bar. The building is literally 20 feet from my building, just across a street but it seemed to be pretty well contained.

Wow, this guy got action photos. Crazy!

2 Responses to “London Fire”

  1. Mom and Dad Says:

    Great building among a lot of newbie structures – hope it will be rebuilt.

    Did you ever frequent the hipster bar next door?

  2. matt Says:

    This is London. They never restore. Always full steam ahead 🙂

    Ok, that’s not totally true. Plus this building is kind of cool looking and it looks like it was more an internal fire thing. Although, there’s a new building going up right in the back to the left of it. I sense a conspiracy to expand that building. hmmmmm.