What’s going on

Just a little quick update on things. Carolyn moves here in 4 days (yeah!), my place needs work to get ready for a second tenant (boo!). I’m cat-sitting for my coworker who’s on holiday and they’re both very cute (yeah!), Anna hasn’t been the healthiest I’ve ever seen her since she moved here and I’m giving her medicine to settle her stomach which she just loooooves taking (boo!). With that in mind, my life this week will pretty much be cats, work and cleaning. But I enjoyed seeing some spirited debate about these bags. I’m excited to see these snazzy new ones they seem to be selling in the US. All we have here are canvas bags which aren’t exciting, they just work. 🙂

11 Responses to “What’s going on”

  1. Mom and Dad Says:

    Remember….5 envirosaks will be winging their way to you soon. Carolyn will probably arrive first…which I know will make you happy!

  2. dina Says:

    but you can make a political statement with your canvas bag… supporting local business, or harvey’s brewery, or your local food co-operative, etc….. plus it’s nice and natural (although possibly could have taken more energy to produce- not sure). i think it’s nice to have all kinds of bags, as long as they are not evil plastic ones. sorry, didn’t mean to continue the bag conversation on this entry. instead, i should say, yay cats! yay carolyn! yay cleaning!

  3. Melissa T Says:

    I hope Anna starts to feel better and puts on a little weight. I know how hard it was for me to give Izzy medicine. Talk about chasing him all over the house!

  4. matt Says:

    She handles the medicine taking ok. But I think she’s getting conditioned to think that any time I get up at certain times of the day, I’ll be dragging her to the bed and shoving pills in her mouth. But she seems to be eating more and her vomiting is much less and she’s more playful with Chewy. Here’s hoping she’s on the mends. I also think she likes Carolyn a lot. So that’ll help too!

  5. Mom and Dad Says:

    Anna just needs another woman around the house! Carolyn will arrive in the nick of time.

  6. Leaky Says:

    Throw Anna in a bathtub full of water one of the times that you get up and then she will no longer think that you are always getting up just to stuff a pill down her throat….

    Just kidding Matty!

    I’ve been thinking alot about that cutie and I hope that she is feeling better any day now. I am so excited that (fingers crossed) you and Carolyn will finally be reunited.

    When do I get to come over there and harass, I mean visit, you?

  7. Mom and Dad Says:

    Leaky!!! Suggesting that Matt throw Anna in a tub of water!!

    We’ll get even for that….I will sell your ticket to this Saturday’s Cub/White Socks spring training game!

  8. matt Says:

    Will it make her stop scratching me when I try to give her medicine? She was doing so well and in the last 2 days, she’s just tired of me shoving pills down her throat. It’ll only be a couple of more days, but she doesn’t know that 🙂

    36 hours and Carolyn and I will be coming back from the airport. hurray!

    Mom, you can give me that ticket if you want 😛

  9. anne Says:

    You might actually have to trim them cat’s nails, Matt. 🙂

    Hooray for Carolyn’s arrival! You two have fun, now!

  10. Mom and Dad Says:

    Matt – the ticket is yours…except you have to be here to claim it. And since Carolyn arrives just 20 hours before game time, I suspect we won’t have that pleasure.

  11. matt Says:

    Sorry Carolyn. Looks like I might not be waiting for you at the airport. I need to catch a flight to Arizona. hehe