What Side of the Sidewalk Do you Walk On?

That’s a serious question. In the US, we more or less drive on the right side of the road and walk on the right side of the sidwalk. In the UK, they drive on the left side of the road. Interestingly, with a lot of thought, I’m about 60% used to this. However, when I walk on a sidewalk, I have no idea whether to be on the left or right side of the sidewalk.

Anyhoo (is that better mom/dad/a friend??), i kind of hit a jetlag wall. I woke up early this morning to see if I couldn’t check a little of the east end out, but it was cold and I was almost asleep on my feet. So I headed to work for morning, did a little work and kept trying to take in the city (digitally, of course) without feeling overwhelmed. Since one of the primary purposes of this trip is to actually get a grasp of this enormous city, I left after lunch and went for a wander. I’ve now seen a little bit of the city center (not gonna live there), the east end (I need to see more), Islington (nice but I doubt I can afford it) and now Camden. Camden seems like a good candidate. It’s got a little bit of an edge, but not in an unsafe way and it has all the nice aspects of a London borough. I almost feel ready to talk to an estate agent so I can be shown places and still have some idea what area I’m looking at!!

I promise, in the next few days, my camera will come out and you’ll get pictures of London, not 2 year old pictures of my broken bruised body and Carolyn’s broken and totaled car 🙂

PS – If the British news folks talk about the Brits who got nominated for an Oscar again, I’m gonna kill someone!! The BBC isn’t doing themselves too proud based on what I’ve been watching on the tele! It’s almost worse than the US entertainment folks in that they are supposed to be respectable news and all they can talk about is some silly fucking movie with Helen Mirran (I liked her in Gosford Park but I have zero interest in hearing anything about a pampered “royal” like Queen Elizabeth!) and Judy Dench. Oh yeah, that and people have been looting the shit that has washed up on shore from that half-sunken freighter.

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