Back to London

Alrighty, lemme try to sum up the fun of the last few days with some bullet point observations:

  • The US domestic airlines can’t do international flights for shit. I flew American to London in October and they kindly provided a seat and some movies and nothing else. I just flew British Airways and they provided toothpaste/brush, good food, unlimited booze and nicer seats. And there is less of a sense that you are just a piece of cattle to them
  • London is a little overwhelming. I need to focus my energies on getting a good feel for this city, but that’s a tall order in just a couple of weeks.
  • The local football team, Arsenal, beat Manchester United in an exciting match. I found a pub that wasn’t packed to the gills and had a couple of pints whilst enjoying some friendly (and happy) football fans. It was interesting to see all sorts of people I recognized from watching the world cup this summer
  • The UK office is very nice. I like the design and, after they crammed our desks together in the US, I’m used to the lack of workspace every one has. I should be able to do all sorts of fun work that will keep me nice and busy for a while
  • Jetlag hasn’t been too bad and i’m managed to avoid getting sick after a flight. hurray!

Thus endeth my first list post of things in London. Tomorrow I’m going to try to spend more daylight hours taking in the city and working a little less. Hopefully, I’ll also see some apartments and see what the UK housing market has to offer.

One Response to “Back to London”

  1. anne Says:

    I flew BA about 10 years ago, the last time I went to London and yeah, they do it right. Booze booze booze all the way across the pond! Good stuff.

    Glad you’re well!