London Notes

These are just some random observations:

  • I’m forcing myself to comprehend the whole “driving on the opposite side of the road” idea. I’ve gotten the jaywalking thing down pat. but it means I spend a lot of time reminding myself which side of the street the cars are driving. Never fear Mom, I am not blindly crossing the street. I spend a long time determining which direction the traffic is coming from and then cross. And, as I walk along the street, I keep reminding myself whic direction the traffic next to me is going.
  • I’ve picked up 2 more smart cards. In the US, I had a smart card to get into the office building and to use the CTA. Now, I have another card for the UK office and an Oyster Card. That and the hotel room card means i have a lot of magnetic stripe and smart cards
  • Gastropubs have some tasty, but not cheap food. Plus if usually guarantees that they will have some hand-pumped ales (yummy!)
  • I have found a single pub with beer that is cheaper than an American pint. Granted, an imperial pint is about 20% more than a US pint 🙂
  • I had strike one on my housing hunt. The place my coworker Ben found his place said they had nothing available with my criteria. I’m a little worried I sounded to rigid or that they thought I had rigid criteria. The tricky thing is that many estate agents only focus on a single borough or two. If they have nothing in those boroughs, I need to look at others. Anyways, tomorrow, I will walk into places and make it clear I’m more flexible.
  • I like the questions to the Prime Minister. Granted, I think he knows what to expect more than you might think (he’s clearly reading off prepared notes), but I’d love to see Bush answering questions from Congress or the Senate 🙂

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