Flashback: Carolyn’s US Trip in June

Back in June, I made a trip to the east coast for my cousin’s graduation from high school.  It was a great week where I got a chance to catch up with family in Connecticut and New Hampshire and spend the weekend in Boston with friends.  I was even able to make it to my friend Naomi’s wedding (she was nice enough to schedule it for the weekend after the graduation).  All in all it was a great trip home.  Matt was even able to join us for the weekend in Connecticut to see all the family and celebrate the graduation.

Here is Tony getting ready for the big event.  Note the coordination of family clothing.


I had the chance to see my little cousin Carmen starting to crawl as well.  No photos to share but here she is celebrating with me and Tony.


Naomi’s wedding was at the Elm Bank Horticultural Center in Wellesley, MA.  It was a beautiful setting and ceremony and a great party.  Here is Haley and I with the bride:


And the balloon bride and groom:


One Response to “Flashback: Carolyn’s US Trip in June”

  1. Mom and Dad Says:

    So nice to see this post! Tony looks so grown up (Sorry, Tony, someone had to say that!) and Carmen is gorgeous.

    Didn’t you and Matt have balloons at your wedding, too?

    Marsha and Peter