English International Match

Consider this a half-assed running commentary:

So I’m using my recently acquired TV to watch England play Croatia in football. England needs to tie or win to advance in the Euro 2008 tournament and, it’s been really entertaining so far. It’s at the newly rebuilt Wembley Stadium (which apparently has a shitty playing surface according to the announcers) which is gigantic. Even though there’s no alcohol allowed at international matches, the crowd is insane. They booed(!) during the Croatian national anthem and they have been loud and crazy the first 15 minutes.

Alas, while England is pushing, Croatia scored a goal on a keeper error (a routine save he screwed up) and on some weird goal where the English defence thought the forward was offsides, froze (he wasn’t offsides) and waltzed in for a second goal. Ouch!!


That second goal for Croatia really took the air out of the fans. There’s still plenty of cheering, but the first part of the match showed the amazing sound of 70,000 people. I hope England pulls this off and doesn’t keep choking. 🙂


It’s halftime and the commentators are writing Englands eulogy. They’re ripping them apart.


Man, that penalty shot came from a half-assed penalty. But it’s now 2-1 Croatia.


Holy Shit! England just scored a very nice good. It’s tied and that’s enough for them to advance if they can hold on.


Bummer, nice goal by Croatia putting them ahead. If England pulls off a tie on this, I’ll be impressed.

Well, that was a painful roller coaster ride. The crowd is NOT happy with that one. England is out of the European championships.

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