By Popular Demand…

…here’s a picture of Carolyn and I. It’s during the interval (apparently, that’s intermission in Brit-speak) for the musical Avenue Q (more words below the picture):


We decided we ought to check out a show in the West End and both of us had been interested in seeing it. Now, I know you’re supposed to see a sophisticated British play and I know Avenue Q is not only not British, but set in NYC. However, we also went to see the Theatre district as patrons of a musical and check out a historic old theatre.

The show was, of course, well put on. Think of the Sesame Street, except the characters are porn watching, drinking 20-somethings and Mr. Hooper is Gary Coleman (an actor playing Gary Coleman). Oh yeah Bert (aka, Rod) is gay, but Ernie is not. And, instead of just seeing the puppet, you see the puppeteer/singer. So, you get two shows in one. Sometimes you watch the puppet, sometimes the actual human. It was well written and well performed. Fun for the whole family (but don’t bring the whole family since the puppets have sex). Here’s Carolyn outside the theatre:


5 Responses to “By Popular Demand…”

  1. Lindsay Says:

    What can you get with a BA in English? I caught Ave Q in NYC and it is by far my favorite musical comedy. Glad you two enjoyed it.

  2. Melissa T. Says:

    Hooray!- a cute, cuddly shot of the two of you!

  3. Linda H Says:

    I agree great photos. Take some of the haircut!!!!!!! Linda

  4. Mom Says:

    Linda…do you know something we don’t know?

  5. melissa k. Says:

    ooh, be sure to tell Carolyn that’s a cute dress/top in the first picture!