Hampton Court Road and the Fairhursts

So, Carolyn is here and I’m trying to show her allllll that London has to offer. However, on her first full day here, Carolyn was the organizer, not me :). Back in middle school, a family moved into her home town for a 3 year stint in the US. As it were, the husband had a temporary transfer for a job so he, his wife and 3 teenage kids moved to the US for a little while. They are back in London and live in a suburb southwest of London. Since Carolyn was coming to visit, they invited us out for an afternoon of fun and games. They have a lovely house only about 30 minutes from Waterloo. We came out there and had lunch and tea. And, since there’s always something interesting to see in England, even if it’s the suburbs, we took a little trip to Hampton Court Road. This was the country palace of Henry VIII. Yes, the country palace. Now that things have gotten a little bigger in England, it’s surrounded by the outer ring of the city. But at one point, this was a long trip to get out of town. It’s conveniently located along the Thames so the king could simply hop on a boat and float from the Tower of London to his weekend house.


This would be part of his ‘weekend house’


Here is Carolyn with Rob and Chris Fairhurst along the grounds of the palace.

We didn’t go in (you need a full day to do that), but we walked all over the gardens and along the river. It was a beautiful place and a wonderful setting. I found it amazing that, in an area that had a suburban feel to it, there’s a 15th century palace just hanging around.
Now, since I just got my new camera (how do the pictures above look?), I thought I’d throw in a little cat photo for those concerned parents. Here’s Anna chilling on the bed:


Coming soon: Greenwich!

6 Responses to “Hampton Court Road and the Fairhursts”

  1. andie Says:

    Nice pictures! Thanks! More gratuitous cute ons of you two, though, please!

  2. Stephanie Says:

    I’m happy that you two are getting to be together! 🙂 Before long, it’ll be for forever!

  3. melissa k. Says:

    i love all pictures but a carolyn and kitties combo could satisfy so many people

  4. Linda H Says:

    I’m glad that Carolyn made it safely to England and you had a good vist with the Fairhursts. Yes, take more photos of you both!!!! Talk to you on Friday.Enjoy Linda a/k/a Carolyn’s Mom

  5. matt Says:

    Me and Carolyn are now posted. I’ve yet to get the ultimate picture Melissa K speaks of though! I’ll do what I can 🙂

  6. Mom Says:

    Matthew!!!!! “Carolyn and I are now posted.” “Here’s a picture of Carolyn and me.”

    You’ve been picking up bad habits with the English language…oh, wait…..