London is suddenly a lot colder

So, I’ve been saying for months that, once my hair was more than 10 inches long, I’d donate it and finally bite the bullet and figure out a hair style instead of the default ‘don’t get a haircut’ mode I’ve been in. Well, today was the day. Here is me before (my hair is wet as I’d just showered):


And here I am 2 hours later:


So what became of my hair? Well, it’s currently sitting on my kitchen table, drying. Soon, it’ll be in a ziplock bag and I’ll mail it to one of those charities that makes wigs for kids with cancer or early balding. The length was about 12 inches:


I managed to find a reasonably priced place with a guy who knew what he was doing. It looks like the cut he gave me should be flexible so, if I don’t like how it looks now, I can just tousle it around and it’ll be different. 🙂

9 Responses to “London is suddenly a lot colder”

  1. Mom Says:

    Soooooo cute. Yea!

  2. Mom Says:

    Really, Matt. It’s a great hair cut. Congratulations.

  3. helen and neal dorman Says:

    congrats on both counts matt… the engagement and the donation… it is really a worthwhile charity – there is nothing like human hair for the poor people who have lost their own.. and YOU LOOK GREAT. helen and neal

  4. Melissa T. Says:

    Wow Matt- you look hot!

  5. melissa k. Says:

    my ears feel your pain. i cut mine in april. it’s growing back, but not soon enough for the cold temps to start setting in!

  6. dina Says:

    you made me sleep in the same room as the hair! it attacked me during the night.. i still have scars…

  7. mweb06 Says:

    your hair died just like me. looks good. now drop the goat, pop the collar, and fall into the gap.

  8. Hamid Says:

    now get a job you ‘ex’ hippie!!!

  9. pete Says:

    i have some hats you could borrow. i have several different styles to choose from for various temperature ranges.