Meaty Goodness

Well, it’s been more than a week, which I believe is the longest I’ve been blog-silent since I moved to London. A touch of writers block. I’ve been busy, but there’s plenty to write about. So let’s write.

Last week consisted of a lot of work and a lot of going out and being social. One of my favourite people in the world, Jess, was around for many days and it meant that I got to see her multiple times for what may have been three years. She’s on a grand work tour which included Australia, New Zealand and London. It ends with her going on her honeymoon (congrats Jess and Amit!). But, before she could relax in Italy with Amit, she was stuck hanging out with me.

Last Monday, she wanted to come up and see my neighbourhood a little bit and see my cute kitties who had arrived three days earlier (clearly I’ve been bad about writing in the blog — there’s no cat entry!). Before that, I decided she needed to try the Marquess Tavern. It’s a pub about 15 minutes from me that has a nifty little niche in the pub-food world. They have some sort of room in the back where they store racks of beef. They keep a running list of what they’ve got in back on a chalkboard. The sizes range from about 2.5lbs to about 10lbs of beef (I’m planning a big trip with many people to tackle one of those larger pieces of meat). If you pick one of them, they take it off the board since they only have one and the meal is something of a roast with gravy, potatoes, yorkshire pudding and some sort of vegetables. It’s very tasty. And the beef is right off the bone. Look!


It also has a nice selection of ales and a friendly atmosphere inside. The surrounding area is a fancy part of Islington called Canonbury, with lots of beautiful homes and greenery. The exterior of the pub is nothing to be ashamed of either. I believe it’s Listed (some sort of British distinction to preserve things of historical interest).  Look:


(bad picture — but it’s beautiful).

Anyway, that was one evening of Jess. The following days were fun as well and even included one night of Dina! But I lack photos of most of it. I’ve been a bad travelling Matt.

6 Responses to “Meaty Goodness”

  1. andie Says:

    That’s quite a glint in your eye, Jess!!

  2. matt Says:

    She seems pretty content to me! 🙂

  3. Mom Says:

    Congratulations, Jess and Amit. Many years of happiness and joy!

    How did you like Matt’s apartment? Is he being a good Kitty daddy?

    Marsha and Peter B.

  4. Stephanie Says:

    What’s with all the meat!

  5. Timber Says:

    Waiting for that promised cat blogging. I want to see Chewy and Anna and know that you’re taking good care of them.


  6. dina Says:

    i shall see your flat this weekend and confirm to the world that your cats are still alive and furry. and then you can enjoy, as you have lovingly put it, another “night of dina”. but i might bring my bodyguard. hope that’s ok.