A Little time in Frankfurt

So I’m back in the lovely realm of London. I’ve got my cats and work should start being more normal. So, to get myself back in the blogging saddle, I’ll give some more fun with Frankfurt. This was a quick 2 day business trip, but I tried to have a little bit of the German experience.

Frankfurt is an odd city. It was pretty much levelled in World War II, so a lot of the old German charm was destroyed. As its become the financial centre of Germany, it’s got a lot of modernity to it. But there are definitely rebuilt buildings that retain an old-world charm to it. My company’s Frankfurt office is currently on the 27th floor of the Maintower, which is a nice building with a shitload of cool views.

Anyway, here’s a little of Frankfurt in pictures:


My office (the taller one) and my hotel (the shorter one). Easy commute and nice views!


The view from my hotel room. Alas, it was mostly rainy while I was there, but here’s a moment of clear sky.


Here would be a “typical” Germany meal. A whole lot of yummy pork. Mmmmm. In Frankfurt, this would be accompanied by Apfelwein, a fermented apple cider type drink. It’s dryer than a English cider.


I mentioned that not all of Frankfurt is new, corporate architecture. Here is the rebuilt opera house.

5 Responses to “A Little time in Frankfurt”

  1. Melissa T. Says:

    OMG- that is quite a pile of meat!!

  2. melissa k. Says:

    aacckk!! i know where the Machine Shed gets its recipes from!! Mmmm, i’ll have the pork, stuffed with pork, covered in a pork sauce, with a side of pork. Oh, and i’ll have the pork for dessert.

  3. matt Says:

    Ah the Machine Shed. For this project, while I’ve been able to traipse around and live in Europe, one of my colleagues got to go to Des Moines a number of times. Apparently, the only thing to eat around there is the Machine Shed as well! 🙂

    I need to dig up my picture of you sitting on top of the John Deere tracker outside the one in Rockford.

  4. anne Says:

    What, no pictures of big steins of beer?

  5. melissa k. Says:

    oh you mean…THIS ONE!!!