A Hearty German Hello!

So I’m writing this from our office in Germany. I had to buy a plane ticket on Monday for a flight on Tuesday to come to Frankfurt for a quick jaunt of a work related nature. The office is on the 27th floor (cool!) and the hotel is it’s ‘twin’ accross the way, but my room is only on the 26th floor. hee hee. I’ll post more about it later, but here’s my spiffy hotel room:


4 Responses to “A Hearty German Hello!”

  1. Melissa T. Says:

    That’s a cool set-up!

  2. melissa k. Says:

    i’m not sure how i feel about the pillow set up. they’re strangely shaped like white hoods…i thought Germany was over that?

    but i do love how your stuff is on the floor on the left, but your computer is beautifully set up on the desk. ha!

  3. matt Says:

    The pillows were reset the exact same way by housekeeping. Is it sort of like a cross burning? Should I have taken it as a sign to leave town? I guess I did as I’m back in London and, as I type this, there a cat by my side and another cat sleeping in my closet!! hurray!!

    That was a nice hotel.

  4. Krista Says:

    Aren’t German hotel rooms the best? Beds are always comfy. Linens are usually starched and ironed. Fluffy duvets. Good stuff!