I have an apartment!

So I have an apartment. I got the keys this afternoon and, when I got there, there were two people just finishing up cleaning. it’s pretty much empty, but it’s mine!!! It feels a little odd. But the neighborhood is already growing on me. I’m at the office for a brief stop over so I can pick up my stuff (a suitcase and a very large duffel bag) and then i’m off to, ummm, ‘unpack’. then i’ll try picking up some basics so i can do laundry and whatnot. I took some quick shots, but it’s very similar to the original photos I took. woo hoo!!

4 Responses to “I have an apartment!”

  1. Mom Says:

    Yea! Enjoy! Will you have the internet from there…or will you be off line for a while?

    Mom and Dad

  2. anne Says:


  3. matt Says:

    I’m offline more or less. I’m in Brighton celebrating something or other Sunday. So I have the internets via Dina and Adrian. Happy Easter folks!

  4. Mom Says:

    Same to you! How will you connect in your new apartment? Is it wired so all you have to do is pay for the service…or do you have to start from scratch?

    Cold and snowy here. Anna’s new name is Rusty…she had a busy day in the garage yesterday and her white is now rust colored…but improving from yesterday. She’ll be white again in no time.

    Both kitties spent the night with Uncle Mark – you know him, the cat hater! HA!