Comment Spam

Time for a little random post not related to the unpleasantness from yesterday. I’m sure all of you are aware of spam. Well, since spammers are the essense of evil, they try to find anywhere they can to post crap for viagra and cialis and so on. Now, I have a pretty good system to keep myself pretty immune from spam in email (my personal email addresses get maybe 3 a week), but the spammers managed to implicate me in one form of it: comment spam. This is where they post comments to any blog they can find (blog software is pretty dumb in that the install usually ends up in a similar URL so they can find them easily) with either those weird psuedo-philosophical/gibberish comments or with links to pr0n or discounted drugs. Well, for a long while, if you searched for my name on google, you would find that some spammer decided to use my name as a spam commenter. Very odd!

Anyway, now I have my own blog and I guess it’s out in the open now because I have some comment spam. Now, you might be asking yourself ‘where is this so called comment spam? I’m on the site right now and all the comments appear to be from people like God (thanks Dina!) and my mom.’ Well, the blog software has a sweet piece of spam catching and the 20 or so pieces of spam that have been posted have been swallowed whole! Thank you wordpress!

Thus endeth my random naval gazing for the day. We’ll be back to regular programming (hopefully with a new apartment, photos of my funky hotel, as well as trips to Cambridge, Brighton and Stockholm) shortly.

9 Responses to “Comment Spam”

  1. Mom Says:

    You’re going to Stockholm?

  2. matt Says:

    In about 2 weeks. Our current server farms are over there. Hopefully, it won’t be dark the whole time 🙂

  3. Mom Says:

    Yes, we are so jealous!!

  4. anne Says:

    Oh, Mr. Casual “I’m going to Stockholm….tis dull.”
    You know where I’m going? Schaumburg. To IKEA. That’s as close to travel to Sweden as I get. (past the trips to Ann Sather’s or Svea in the neighborhood for the food)



  5. God Says:



  6. Mom Says:

    The other day I said OMG…but I had no idea to whom I was “speaking”!!!

  7. matt Says:

    Isn’t blasphemy wonderful?? Remember Dina, as the God of this blog, I can see the ip address of my posters 🙂

    And you think casually dropping Stockholm in there is bad, wait until I say, ‘oh i’m just popping down to Paris for the day’! hee hee

    Now I remember why I moved here!

  8. Mom Says:

    And remember who your kindly old parents are, too. We expect a Paris weekend with you during some future visit.

  9. melissa k. Says:

    um, yeah, so i’ll be at the Boston Veterans’ Hospital, hangin’ with the old dudes this weekend. what’s Stockholm or Paris got on that??? HA