A brief moment of silence

Those of you who read the comments might have noticed this entry by Carolyn. Anyone who has looked in the back of my now-former apartment might have noticed the lovely white car that was always sitting in back there. On my grandma’s 90th birthday, she gave that car to me. While it was a pain in the ass, it was a wonderful thing to have as I was previously without a car. My grandma died about a year and a half ago and the car didn’t last much longer than that. In usual Matt fashion, I didn’t get rid of it immediately. Finally, push came to shove and, as I was leaving the country, I finally dealt with dontating it to the American Heart Association. Carolyn, being the saint that she is, was kind enough to be available for the tow truck to take my fine little car on its last journey.

Anyway, if you are reading this, would you be so kind to raise a glass to my car and my grandma. May they both rest in peace. And a special thanks to Carolyn for being so helpful and wonderful.

8 Responses to “A brief moment of silence”

  1. Mom Says:

    Thanks for those lovely words and thoughts, Matt. Grandma loved you kids a lot!

    Me, too.

  2. melissa k. Says:

    i remember actually riding in that car. i think i’m one of the few that can claim that statement

  3. matt Says:

    Melissa: If I’m not mistaken, you drove me to Rockford with Anne to pick it up after the alternator died. Good times. 🙂

  4. Leaky Says:

    And a moment of silence to the seven up dot on the window…

  5. matt Says:

    Ah, the 7-up dot is living in a box in my apartment in Chicago. It’s still alive (but not in the best shape — the sun didn’t do a whole lot of good for it).

  6. Mom Says:

    OMG, I had forgotten about the 7Up dot! A lot of good miles with that little guy.

  7. anne Says:

    I remember riding around “looking at apartments” in that car. With a handful of snack-size kitkats as fuel I believe.

    A glass is raised. I’m sure your old neighbors are lovin’ the extra spot now too. 🙂

  8. andie Says:

    I think I drove that car, and your grandma too, through a rainstorm on Ohio freeways! And the windshield wipers were ridiculously awful! And your grandma was so calm, telling stories…

    My glass is also raised. Your grandma was a brave woman, in addition to being awsome in a million other ways.