Where I’ll be living in Pictures

I can’t move into my place until Wednesday, but they can’t stop me from wandering around and taking some pics! 🙂


That’s my street!


That’s the exterior of my apartment. I’m the second floor (here it’s the first floor)


Looking down Beresford Rd


Looking down Beresford Rd again

3 Responses to “Where I’ll be living in Pictures”

  1. Name (required) Says:

    wow, you have a red door! i’ve always wanted one of those. your environs look lovely, and it’s nice to shop from small grocers and get to know them- anything to help prevent your pounds from going to mr tesco is a good thing. 20 min bus commute is also fabulous. well done, just a few more days and you will be in transit no more…

  2. Carolyn Says:

    The neighborhood looks really cute. Your car was donated today – hurray. I feel a big weight off my shoulders with that, but it was also sad.

  3. Linda H Says:

    Hi Matt, Your apartment and new neighborood look very nice. Sorry you can’t move in til Sat. Glad that your move went well.