The Excitement of Travel

So this is starting to feel more like a done deal with every passing day. Friday started the Visa fun. Based on what HR has told me, I don’t need to do a whole lot of weird legal stuff and waiting on lines, but I do need to provide them with a whole lot of information. It’s mostly professional-related info, but I’m required to put together a CV, something I haven’t done since I started working at Morningstar (almost 5 years ago).  I also need a copy of my diploma, something I haven’t seen since, well, since I graduated.

The next sign that this is a done deal was the announcement of my replacement(!). They are doing an internal re-organization type thing so it’s not like they had a whole hiring process. But my heart-felt congrats to Hong on joining my now former group!

The final piece is taking a visit over to London. Today I bought a plane ticket to spend January 20th until February 3rd in the UK. During that time, I’ll get acquainted with my soon-to-be new coworkers, wander the streets of London and see if I can adjust from grid-like Chicago to the mazes of the London streets. And finally, I’ll be checking out neighborhoods and “flats” (I won’t start talking like a Brit just yet) so I know about my living situation. When I get back, I may very well have a lease!

Anyways, a lot of movement going on. It’s all pretty cool and making this whole thing seem real and not some weird dream. And now the exciting things are happening. Hell, I get to go back to Europe when I was just there 3 months ago. Sweet!

3 Responses to “The Excitement of Travel”

  1. Mom Says:

    Uncle Traveling Matt was the character we ID’d for Matt when he and his sister, Lisa, used to watch Fraggle Rock. Great kid’s show. And we love seeing Uncle Matt again – especially now that he’s traveling.

    London…and Paris for week-ends! Yikes!


  2. melissa Says:

    i didn’t want your mom to be the only one leaving you a comment. so, here.

    the bean totally looks like a butt, who are they kidding.

  3. matt Says:

    Well aren’t you commenting fools nice! 🙂

    The mini-bean was less butt-like in person, but it really does in that photo.