Trains and Chicago at the Garden

Over the summer, Carolyn and I made a couple of trips to the Chicago Botanical Garden. The admission is free if you ride your bike there. The city has a 20 mile trail from the northwest side up to the garden and you can park at various places along the forest preserve that connects the city to the Botanical Garden. We usually rode 15 miles each way and had a lovely day riding through the woods and wandering the gardens once we got there.

Anyways, they had a little exhibit in the newly renovated central building which combined some replicas of various parts/buildings in Chicago with model trains. Since it’ll be my last chance before heading out of the country to see the place, we made a little trip up to check it out. We drove (it might be warm, but it’s not that warm), but here’re some pics of our time amongst the wooden city.

Carolyn and Wonderland Express Sign

This would be Carolyn at the entrance! Hurray!

Carolyn and Temple

Carolyn standing next to the Baha’i Temple. We went there during our first date.

The bean

A train going by the Bean (kind of looks like an ass) and the Geary Bandshell

Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field


Buidlings of downtown Chicago

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