Can You Guess Where we are Now?

So, we’ve moved on from Berlin and taken up “residence” elsewhere. I’m not sure if this will be easier or harder, but here goes:


Honestly, if you can get our location from this picture, I’m impressed. It’s just a pretty random building in the old center. The sign on top says it’s a school.


One thing this location is known for is it’s tram system. From our limited experience with it, the reputation is justified. Very fast and efficient. Except the ticket machines don’t always work/aren’t readable in the dark when it’s raining and you have a pack on your back. 🙂

Give up? Let’s see if these are any more helpful:


Sorry for the bad lighting. It rained all day. If you look past the statue, you can see the famous cathedral in the famous castle of this city.


This famous bridge crosses the river that bisects this city. It’s named after Carolyn’s grandpa (really!).

Ok, it’s Prague. We were debating showing the astrological clock as well. We’re fully in Eastern Europe now. Our next locations will be a whole lot harder to figure out, I’ll bet. The weather hasn’t been perfect here, but it’s a lovely city, tourist hoards be damned! 🙂

5 Responses to “Can You Guess Where we are Now?”

  1. Uncle Mark Says:

    Is this Prague like the one that used to live across from Matt for several years. This looks like a communist country.

  2. Mom Badanes Says:

    The Hyson Bridge? I googled it and can’t find any mention.

    (Ohhhhh the Charles Bridge!)

  3. Chewy Says:

    ahhh this is my favourite city! i hope you are enjoying it, i am loving the blog by the way!!
    I hope you have found some old style pub / taverns – we had some really good beer and sausages if i remember correctly! Then Julie had a shot of vodka and we ended up in an really bad nightclub full of electro music! xx

  4. matt Says:

    I think most of those building pre-date Marx by quite a while, Uncle Mark 😛

    We’re found some nice pubs in Prague. The beer is dirt cheap and quite tasty. We’re boring and have avoided any clubs, tho.

  5. minnie Says:

    loved Prague when I was there 10 (!) years ago. except for the scary hostel that looked like the set of a horror movie– empty hallways, dim lights, noisy metal furniture. yeesh. it still gives me chills.

    can’t wait for the next installment!