Where in Europe are Carolyn and Matt?

Quiz time. Can you guess where we are? The answer will be revealed after the photos.
This is a monument created by the Soviets after WWII. It’s remarkably large.

This TV Tower was built in 1969 and lords over the entire city.

Give up? OK, those were semi-tricky (if you’ve never been). Here are two easy ones:
Old part of the city gate that has since become a symbol of the city.
It’s a wall and it divided the city. I don’t think I need to add any more than that, do I? 😀

Give up again? It’s Berlin! We’re spending a few days here and soaking in a city with a very unique history. It’s been tons of fun so far.

8 Responses to “Where in Europe are Carolyn and Matt?”

  1. Chewy Says:

    Hey guys
    I am fine and I am loving that H is staying at home to do essays because she keeps gets distracted and playing with me but i am sure i saw her looking at photos of other cats!! I hope your having fun MMMEEEOOOWWWWW love C XX

    Hey guys hope your having fun, chewy is fine and i am loving having him although he has developed a very unsual meow!! I am now looking at getting a ragdoll kitten again as i forgot how nice it was having a cat. Anyway looks like your ahving fun. where are you off to next?? well i’d better go and finish up some more writing.
    love h xxx

  2. Michael Says:

    got it after the first pic, just cuz i was there almost exactly 1 year ago. have fun guys, see you when you reach chicago

  3. Carolyn 2 Says:

    I’m with Michael on that one – did you guys see the Marathon go through the Gate?

  4. matt Says:

    We’ve been seeing the marathoners heading into town and the preparations around town for it, but we leave the day before it happens. The in-line skating(!) marathon is on Saturday.

    Those of you who have not been to the city in question and not seen our itinerary on my mom’s facebook comments should chime in too. 😀

  5. verna Says:

    Wow! So jealous! I didn’t recognize the 1st two photos – I haven’t been in berlin since 1999. I hope you enjoy, it’s was quite amazing watching all the construction going on then. I’m sure you are getting the “aftermath” being it’s been 10 years later! ENJOY!

  6. Mom Badanes Says:

    Are you suggesting that I’ve blown your game?

    I guess I did….. :>(

  7. matt Says:

    Never fear, friendface will suck that comment away eventually. 🙂

  8. Uncle Mark Says:

    I know where you guys are you are in Kansas