The Land of London from the Sky and at Night


My office is in the picture! (photo credit: Jason Hawkes)

A friend of mine pointed me to a couple of articles on that contain a series of really great photos of arial shots taken at night of London. Generally, the skyline of London, when you move away from Westminster Abbey, isn’t though of as being that spectacular. At least compared to a city like Chicago, with it’s wonderful skyline. It’s always been about exploring the winding streets and soaking in the history. However, these shots show a great persepctive on a city that’s quick complex and beatiful in it’s own way. I ‘borrowed’ the picture from above because that’s one of my stomping grounds. Shoreditch and Old Street is where my office is. You can even see our main office in the lower-right hand corner (at least the northern wall of the building). The actual picture is number 12 in the second set of photos. I’d also like to point you to this photo (picture number 17 in this set of photos). That’s the home ground for Arsenal, who play about a 15 minute walk from my flat. Anyway, the photos are gorgeous and they give a nice view on the town I live in at the moment. Enjoy!

2 Responses to “The Land of London from the Sky and at Night”

  1. Mom and Dad Says:

    Does Picture 9 in that section about the financial district show where our water taxi came down (from the top of the picture) to the boat dock on the left side of the picture, just below the bridge….then we walked back (up) to that shopping area to find that terrific Indian restaurant to eat?

    Just trying to get my bearings.


  2. Mom and Dad Says:

    In Picture 19 – would the Tower Bridge be out of sight to the left? When we went out of the City on our first day of travels, we went by train to 12 Oaks and remember crossing a river with the ferris wheel on our right and then looked left and could see the Gerkin (we didn’t know what it was called), not real close, but you could still see the top of it.

    Do I have my perspectives correct?