Pictures From the Lake District

As promised, here is a sampling of the many pictures we took while in the Lake District. If you want more, we’ve got them right here.


This is Grassmoor House, the B and B we stayed at in Keswick. Note the slate exterior. Using it on the buildings was quite common and provided a cool look.


A mountain cloaked in heather. This was prime season for heather in bloom. Beautiful!


Two bad asses near the top of Skiddaw. Look at the view behind us.


We took the hard path down. It was a blast, but you sometimes needed to slow yourself down lest you go barrelling headfirst on a path of sharp slate.


This was our view from a pub we stopped at and had a few pints and played some games.


Matt amongst the boulders. This was in a mountain pass south of Keswick with a one lane road in and out of it. And cars were going in both directions. Crazy. From there we drove amongst a number of cute old villages that now cater to the tourists with pubs and ice cream.

There’re a few more photos I might post with commentary. I feel like I’m missing pieces of the trip in this selection. 🙂

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  1. Leaky Says:

    You guys look like a couple of bad ass mountain goats!