London Marathon Fun

So my silence isn’t because I’m lazy. Since I last wrote, I’ve spent a short time in Chicago, Cleveland and even some time in London. I’ll get into more details over time. For now, I want to add a quick entry about the London Marathon. Our friend, C***** (shall remain anonymous), actually lives in our flat with us with her friend, A****. It’s tight, I know. But because of her UK residence, they were able to get numbers for this years marathon. Amazing! As a result, Carolyn and I decided to check it out. It was a hectic and rainy day (hell, it hailed a little after our friends finished), but it was fun to watch. I think everyone found these signs/suggestions quite funny:


The words are small but it says, “Don’t wee in people’s gardens”. Very thoughtful of the race organizers to remind dehydrated people in the middle of a 26 mile race that people’s gardens are not, in fact, toilets. 🙂

I’m off to Paris for more office moves, then I return in an attempt to get everything in order in 4 days before I make the big trip to the US. At that time, Carolyn and I finally get married. 16 days away! How cool! I will post lots of catch-up stuff since it’s been pretty action packed lately.

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  1. Mom and Dad Says:

    C and A ran the marathon. How amazing!!!