What is this?? — It’s Pari Roller

(My mom found what this is — Pari Roller. Nice idea. I’m glad I stumbled upon it that night. It was fun to see. I also now realize a quick search for “Friday night rollerblading paris” turns this site up nice and easy. Good catch mom!)

After a long day at work, I was about 5 minutes from my hotel and I stumbled upon this. It was definitely organized since they had people in yellow vests and were tailed by a police escort and they all stopped at traffic lights (the reason I managed to get them all together was there was a long light that had just changed). It looks almost like Critical Mass on Roller Blades, but it was 11pm. There isn’t exactly a lot of traffic to disrupt, even in a big city like Paris. But it was on Boulevard Haussmann, which is one of the bigger streets.

Oh yeah, youtube compresses the shit out of this stuff, so it’s not nearly as good a video. I do like the woman trapped in front of me and how she even thinks for a second about trying to cross in the middle of it. Anyone know what this event is?

6 Responses to “What is this?? — It’s Pari Roller”

  1. Mom and Dad Badanes Says:

    Is this it?


  2. Mom and Dad Badanes Says:

    What do I win?

    Actually I googled roller skating in Paris…fortunately the site had an English version.

  3. melissa k. Says:

    that’s pretty crazy. i think it’s more crazy that your mom found it. my mother doesn’t even know what Google is!!

  4. matt Says:

    I’ve taught her well. However, I make living doing things on computers and she still doesn’t trust me 🙂

  5. melissa k. Says:

    I make a living saving lives and mine still doesn’t trust me with her common colds 😛

  6. Mom and Dad Badanes Says:

    Who taught who well?