Holiday Party 2007

So my company in the US has had some cool locations for their holiday party’s the last few years. We dined next to a Tyrannosaurus Rex 2 years ago and last year, we ate with the fishes at the Aquarium. Now, the setup in the UK isn’t quite as large scale, but they managed to put on a nice party for us anyway. It was a little cramped, but I imagine it’s harder to find a space to fit 150 people for dinner. The best part, as I’ve mentioned, was that Carolyn flew into town. So, I got to introduce her to people who she’ll see quite a bit more of very soon. Alas, most of the photos I took look like shit, but here’s at least one picture of me and Carolyn:


Note my new suit! That was quite amusing. I’ve never been known to dress nicely at work and my coworkers, none of whom are known for wearing nice clothes either, were all shocked at how I managed to clean up 🙂

Anyway, tomorrow’s a little touristy fun in London, so I’ll be sure to have more pictures.

3 Responses to “Holiday Party 2007”

  1. melissa k. Says:

    funny that your co-workers were impressed at your new suit. i was too!! you guys look so great i this picture!

  2. Mom and Dad Badanes Says:

    Wow – great picture! So glad to see the two of you.

    Mom and Dad B.

  3. Linda Says:

    You both look very nice and very happy too. I like Matt’s suit. Good practice for the wedding. Linda