A Nice Spontaneous Visit

Well, it’s been a very very busy time at work, so I haven’t done much but work. However, on Wednesday, I have a nice visit. Carolyn is coming back for a very brief visit! So it’ll have been less than 2 months since we saw each other. Hurray!! I have my holiday party and we’ve gone to it every year we’ve been together so, about a week ago, we looked at prices for flights and found that they weren’t too bad. And Carolyn doesn’t start her new job for a week, so it was perfect timing for an impromptu visit. 🙂
I’ll take pictures and stuff. I’m even taking some days off. Wow!

2 Responses to “A Nice Spontaneous Visit”

  1. Melissa T. Says:

    Have a wonderful time together!!!!

  2. Mom and Dad Badanes Says: