Borough Market — More great food in London

As I’ve previously commented on, the UK seems to have the US beat in terms of eating better — farmer’s markets are everywhere, organic food can be easily had even in the Walmart of England (Tesco) and there seems to be less salt in everything. Allow me to detail this a little more by talking about my first trip (yes, it took me 6 months to visit) to Borough Market. Think a farmer’s market on steroids. It’s located under a grand junction of railroad bridges going into the London Bridge rail station and it goes on forever. And in it is just about any possible food you can imagine. You can find local fruit and vegetables, free range meats (both common and not so common), baked goods, cheeses galore and  even a crazy variety of beer and wines. We managed to spend 4 hours there and only left because it was getting close to closing time and the crowds could be a little overwhelming (it was a beautiful Saturday to be out and about). Allow to show you:


Ignore the handsome gentleman in the foreground and just observe the people, the stalls and the architecture.


Fresh eggs and meat for the taking


The variety of cheeses amazed me. You had gigantic wheels of it and then small varieties. One guy was selling some sort of cheese he’d tracked down and brought back from the Swiss Alps.

We went with Dina. This being near London Bridge, you can never pass up a chance to cross the Thames and enjoy the views:


(I think we’re trying to look thoughtful — maybe?)

4 Responses to “Borough Market — More great food in London”

  1. Dave Says:

    I’m mildly disturbed by the raw meat just sitting on the counter, waiting to be handled by whoever. Don’t they have health codes there??

  2. dina Says:

    i think i was trying to copy you, but without actually looking at what you were doing = me doing something completely different. yay, we love the market. i think the meat on the counter was smoked (bacon)- does that make it less raw?

  3. matt Says:

    I think those are the samplers. You’re free to dig around with grubby hands and paw through it 🙂

    In general, I think the rest of the world is less anal about refrigeration. Seems like there’re pluses and minuses to both ideas. I haven’t gotten foot and mouth disease yet.

  4. Stephanie Says: