Snipits from life

This being the middle of a work week and all (no bank holidays this time around!), I thought I’d just throw a couple of pictures of things that are in my daily life.


Here’s the bus that took me home from the office today. I like riding on top of the doubledecker buses. It provides a nice perspective to take things in.

This is my local pub. Nice people behind the bar, the crowd seems nice enough, they have real ales and they even serve burgers. Never fear, I don’t live there, but it’s nice to go in fo a pint once in a while.


This is Newington Green. Believe it or not, it’s actually just a big ass traffic circle. But there’s this nice park in the middle.

Anyway, just a little something to show you what I see everyday. This is all within about 3 steps of my bus stop.

PS – I’m trying so hard not to make any comments on Jerry Falwells death. I’m trying to be a good boy, I swear!

5 Responses to “Snipits from life”

  1. Mom Says:

    Cool – you ride to work with Spiderman!

    Oh, go ahead. Tell what you think and feel about Falwell. He’s (fortunately) not around to hear it! (Did I say that?)

  2. melissa k. Says:

    i did a little happy dance when i heard the news. hehehe…i’m goin’ to hell, at least i’ll see Falwell there!

  3. matt Says:

    See, I figured, if I said anything about him, it would be bad and I’d end up in hell with him and that would be torture enough. Oooops! Too late! 🙂

  4. anne Says:

    You know the news of Jerry’s death spread around my family like wildfire. His compund (yup, 6 foot tall white walls and all) was around th corner from my aunt’s house where I visited often in Lynchburg. Plus, my aunt went to high school with his wife, and his cousin (who thinks he’s a nut, btw) lived at the same lake as m mom and step-dad. So yeah, we’ve been following the coverage. And not exactly wearing black armbands about it either!

  5. spottygao Says:

    A-for-once-feeling-superior British person says, we have nobody in this country like Falwell. He would get no publicity here because the issues he raises are located somewhere around the 17th century. There are many things I am not proud of about my country, but I am proud that we provide free health care, abortion is no issue, and we play football, rugby and cricket.