Matt’s Flat In Movie Form

I’ve wanted to show you my nice flat, but any pictures I take don’t seem to do it justice. So, here’s my flat in its current sparse layout. I have some decorations that nice people have sent/given me (thanks Dina and Anne!), but they are not framed, so there are these lovely, tall white walls.

FYI, as a geek, I decided to try my hand at setting up and hosting my own flash video player, so this isn’t youtube. It allows me to not have to deal with youtube and I can post higher quality video. If it’s running poorly or feels clunky, let me know. I’ve tested all the way from London and it seemed to load quick.

7 Responses to “Matt’s Flat In Movie Form”

  1. Mom Says:

    Wow – some nice touches! We like the glass doors. Daddy is worried that the sink is too small to handle all of your dishes….oh, I forgot, you’re using paper plates, right?

    Very cozy and well laid out. Oh, SHAVE!!!!

    (Yes, mother!…at least appease me on this Mother’s Day!).

  2. Melissa T. Says:

    Awww- It’s nice to hear your voice.

  3. Mom Says:

    So….I just plugged in speakers on my computer and turned on your video for the pleasure of Anna, who is a foot away, on the arm of a chair. When your voice came on, she “woke” up with a start, and began crazily looking around…for you. She kind of figured out the direction of your voice, but she was so alert and looking around for the full two minutes. While she and Chewy love their Grandpa (and sometimes, their Grandma), she is obviously in love with you…still.

    You’re a good kitty daddy.

  4. Carolyn Says:

    Cute – Anna misses you =).

  5. matt Says:

    Awwww. Such a cute little kitty. Does this mean that chewy doesn’t care at all??? 🙂

    What happened when the video stopped?

  6. Mom Says:

    She jumped off the chair and went on her way. (I only count when no one else is around…boo.)

    I did the same thing for Chewy about an hour later when Anna wasn’t around. He was looking out the sliding door wall and turned around with a start. He froze and seemed to listen, but, alas, Chewy is not as brilliant as Anna and lost interest about 30 seconds later.

    Anna is very smart! She talks, and I mean, “talks” to people. When she wants something, she meows until you follow her. Then she sits there and meows differently indicating (to us, at least!) that she now wants you to do something else.

    OK, so we’re all nuts for the cats here. I confess!!! And Timmy follows Chewy around and does the same things he does a couple of minutes later. She’s trying to learn how to become a kitty and not a rescue street cat!

    Enough cats for now!

  7. matt Says:

    See? I don’t have to write anything about the cats. I just get my surrogates to do it for me! I’m happy to hear such a nice little life my cats have now. Here’s hoping they still love me when I have them shoved in a plane for 8 hours and they wind up stuck in a tiny flat in London 🙂