Stockholm in Pictures

Just to make people jealous, here are a selection of pictures that hopefully illustrate my trip here. If you want more words, check out a previous writeup.

Here is Östermalm looking along some of the waterfront (there’s a lot of waterfront in Stockholm since part way between the North Sea and Baltic Sea)


Here is my rented bike in front of a museum on Djurgården


A Hot Chocolate and Cake break in a pretty square in Gamla Stan


The front of one of the many churches in Stockholm. This one is known for a sculpture of St George fighting the dragon he supposedly slayed.


A slice of modern Stockholm. Personally, I kind of like this sculpture.

2 Responses to “Stockholm in Pictures”

  1. me Says:

    Happy St George’s Day! How appropriate that you included that church in your pictures.

  2. matt Says:

    Isn’t that the day all the lazy Brits have been whining about because they don’t get another bank holiday for it? Because I’m sure the people who think it should be a holiday would be out celebrating the miracles of him. 🙂