And now, for something completely random

For some reason, I got this idea walking back to my hotel after my biking tour of Stockholm (pics here). There are lots of bike and foot paths in Stockholm. They are nicely marked and decently laid out. On one of them, I found a special path, but they seemed a little confused as to who it was for:

This path is for a man with no leg and his daughter. But then, a short while later, it changed purposes:

Now the path is only for men with no heads, one hand and his legless daughter. But never fear, things go ok for the daughter in the end:


Now the child has all her limbs. Alas, the man has no head (he did get his hand back).

Needless so say, I was alone and had all my body parts intact. So I got off that path. Best not to temp faith 🙂

Hope that was amusing!

2 Responses to “And now, for something completely random”

  1. C2 Says:

    You asked for random comments, so here goes: James Watson introduced his annual endowed lecture at U of C (where he was an undergrad) yesterday by telling us all about his family life. Turns out Watson’s dad started college at Oberlin, but had to drop out after a year when his parents ran out of money. But, as James said “that (much time at Oberlin) was more than long enough to turn him from an Episcopalian Republican to an Atheist Democrat”. Enough said.

  2. matt Says:

    I’m all for random comments. Feel free to leave ’em!

    And long live the evil Oberlin and its horde of atheists. It’s a conspiracy, you know?