I have an official move date

Well, I am making it fully official. Today I purchased an overpriced ticket to London. The return date is technically sometime in May, but I imagine I’ll end up changing it and stuff or not using it all. But it does mean that on the evening of March 25th, I need to have all my shit in order and be ready to uproot the nice little life I have to move to London. How nerve wracking! 🙂

In the meantime, I am going up to Michigan tomorrow with a load of things to start cleaning out my apartment. When I leave, there should be nothing but furniture, pictures on the walls and stuff in boxes.

One Response to “I have an official move date”

  1. Mom Says:

    So glad you’re so organized! You have one year to use a ticket, so make sure you change the return date down the road so that you can use the return!!

    I’m jealous that you’re going to the lake tomorrow…I want to be there NOW!

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day.


    Chewy and Anna send their love (Dad and me, too!!)