One more time in Chicago :(

Once again, I’m back in the land of the prairies! This time around is going to be a little bittersweet. Last time, I had no new home lined up and there was like a month to get everything together. For some reason, it didn’t seem so imminent. This time around, I have a new place which makes plotting my next moves all the easier. However, I’ve only got 2 freaking weeks, so there’s a little bit of a sense of urgency (hell, I might not have a chance to go to m. henry, my favorite brunch place before I leave).
Anyway, time to go over my list of things to do. As Carolyn has pointed out, I’ve actually done a decent job of getting my shit together, so the list is mostly just new things or packing, packing, packing. And the point of the title is that it’s nice to be back in Chicago, but sad that it’ll be the last time I’m here for a bit. Sniffle.

4 Responses to “One more time in Chicago :(”

  1. anne Says:

    I’m putting this here, so you’ll have the link and it won’t get lost. Big series of articles at the Guardian about bike commuting in London. Fun!,,,00.html

  2. anne Says:

    Oh, and these (have fun!):

  3. Mom Says:

    Uncle Peddling Matt!

  4. Stephanie Says:


    Your new digs look amazing! Best of luck to you in your journeys! Ralph and I look forward to seeing you soon…