An Entry from the Past

So you want pictures? Then we’re going to have to take a trip into the past, in a time when I was still in the Central Time Zone. At the time it was assumed that I would be moving March 5th, but work kind of changed that and I’m able to come back to Chicago one last time. Anyhoo, Carolyn and Carolyn were kind enough to throw me a nice little going away party, complete with beer and shepherds pie! A group of very nice people came and wished me farewell, although I hope to see them all again very soon since I’ll be back in the States next week! Below are some photos from this very party!






You might notice two obviously missing people. Myself, but that is due to the fact that I was the drunken photographer and, more importantly, Carolyn. Well, when I went through all my pictures just before writing this, I was surprised to find that, anytime the camera came upon Carolyn’s beautiful visage, she covered her face!! Sooo, Carolyn has no photos of this party. Booo! 🙂

5 Responses to “An Entry from the Past”

  1. Mom Says:

    Well, that was a nice BEGINNING. Now get moving and post MORE PICTURES!

    You know what they say about pictures being worth…..

  2. Mom Says:

    Yea! Libby Guilty!!!!

  3. anne Says:

    Yeah! We rocked the floor! When you’re back in a bit…more beer will be drunken!

  4. matt Says:

    wow. such a lively range of topics:

    1) guilty libby == happy matt. if only this actually brought down more high level people. the court case really showed what scumbags the bush admin is
    2) pictures == i’ve been a bad picture taker this trip. when i’m not stressed about finding a place to live and dealing with this project, i’ll be picture happy again 🙂
    3) more beer!!! woo hoo!!!

  5. no one Says:

    aw, your nice party… at carolyn’s?? that ain’t your pad. maybe you were afraid you might vomit on your shiny windows… yeah, much better to do that on carolyn’s. good thinking.