Getting very close!

So today was a milestone of sorts. It was the day I got the page in my passport with my visa! It means that, after 2/25/2007, I can work in the UK and come and go as I please. It sort of makes this whole thing seem very real. Anyways, my plan at this point is to have a few friends over on Friday to celebrate my departure back to the Old World, wake up the next day and shake off the hangover and pack. Then I’m going back to London for 2 weeks for more work and house hunting. After that, I have a quick two weeks back in the US and, at the end of March, I make the final move. Meanwhile, I’m slowly but surely churning through my list of things to do.

I promise to try to make my next trip to the UK more entertaining from a blogging (god i hate that word) standpoint. Pictures and stuff will be a-plenty! For now, it’s just a lot of busy work and a little bit o’ fun. wheee!

8 Responses to “Getting very close!”

  1. joey jo jo shabadoo Says:

    did you get your visa from the wrigley building? yeah, your new blog better be better. i want my money back.

  2. matt Says:

    Oh joey, or should I say dina? Yeah, I went to the Wrigley building. i’d never been in there before. nothing too exciting in the consulate part of it.
    Remember, you need to behave if you wanna place in the big city to crash! So don’t bash my blog. hee hee

  3. joey jo jo shabadoo Says:

    i don’t need your big fancy city- and lookit you, flashing your pad before you’ve even got one. anyway, we’ll see if anyone answers the door when you want to come down for a little clean air and sunshine. yeah, uh huh.

  4. matt Says:

    Never fear, joey. I stole your keys and made a copy of them when I saw you last month. So I can just crash at your place when yer begging for accommodations in a REAL city (since my imaginary place is obviously not good enough for you) after you’ve grown bored staring at the English Channel.

    Oooooo. this be a good ol’ fashioned flamewar! 🙂

  5. joey jo jo Says:

    your city already burned down once or twice before… and i have lots of beach pebbles to throw at you. be afraid…

  6. matt Says:

    Homer: Moe, I need your advice.
    Moe: [bored] Yeah.
    Homer: See, I got this friend named…Joey Jo-Jo…Junior…Shabadoo —
    Moe: That’s the worst name I ever heard.
    [A man leaves, weeping]
    Barney: Hey, Joey Jo-Jo!

    Just wanted to clear up this Simpsons reference.

  7. zap! Says:

    what, you think anyone else is reading this? if you’re reading this, raise your hand. anyway, i never said i was joey jo jo junior. maybe i’m his pa.

    have fun tonight and don’t throw up on the plane. have a safe trip and give ol’ joey a tinkle when you’re back in blighty. btw- your sim card will prob only have a teeny bit of money, if any, on it, so you might need to top it up using the top-up card (use it at your local convenience store). sorry, i forgot to write down the number- you can email it to me and we can call you- i dont’ think you need any money on your phone to receive calls.

  8. Mom Says:

    We want pictures from this trip!