Just Chillin’ in Chicago

Nothing exciting to report. I’m back in Chicago doing the work thing. Trying to keep up with the class I’m taking (I’m about a week behind and have an assignment due on Thursday).

It’s absolutely frigid. The river is frozen for the first time in years and there was a nice snow today. And the Bears lost the Super Bowl. That was not a fun game to watch 🙂

At this point, here’s the plan. They would like me to have a start date of March 5th. That gives me a month to take care of a whole lot of things. I’m not going to bother to list them right now. This week, I’m going to finish up my responsibilities for getting my house sold. Then I start the process of getting a work entry visa, packing things up and figuring out what I’ll do with all my furniture (sell, scrap, store, ETC). There’s a calm right now, but it’s going to get very stressful very soon. Oh yeah, and amongst all this fun, I want to try to see everyone I know and love here as much as possible and see all the things I’ve loved about Chicago these past 5 years. And then it’s on to a new adventure in a new country. cool!

One Response to “Just Chillin’ in Chicago”

  1. Mom Says:

    Just “chillin”? Yup, it’s cold here, too!