Back in the US for a Chicago Super Bowl

So until we landed, I had a very lovely 8 hour flight home. I had my own row, which meant I could stretch out, read, watch movies and eat the food and drink provided by the nice people of British Airways (who kindly didn’t strike last week). Alas, O’Hare wasn’t exactly running so well and we sat in the plane for 25 minutes whilst we got a gate (what good is getting in on time if they don’t have a parking space for ya?). And, to make it even more fun, it was so cold, the baggage grabbing thingys weren’t working so we sat waiting in customs for 30 more minutes for our bags (and they kindly block cell phone service meaning the kind people who come to pick you up have no idea what’s happening).

But, I’m back in the US, just in time to see what will hopefully be a triumphant Bears Super Bowl win. From what I saw on the car ride home, half the billboards and all the neon sign thingys have something about it. It should be entertaining.

On an unrelated note, I was sad to see that the area I was visiting during my sabbatical decided to resort to violence during a Palermo-Catania soccer match. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. It also explains why Italian stadiums are designed entirely for riot control.

One Response to “Back in the US for a Chicago Super Bowl”

  1. Mom Says:

    How did Grossman ever get to play football?