Scenes of Home

Well, we’re still in a bit of limbo. We have a home, it has some furnishings, but most of our stuff is a week or two from arriving and we have no bed (the futon for guests is quite comfortable). But it’s all coming along smoothly, which is great. Thought I’d share a couple of scenes from life in our new home.


I missed the perfect light on this by about 5 minutes, but as I was eating breakfast in our nice big dining room, I realized how nice the leaves on that tree looked. It’s nice that our place has such a nice view out back like this. It feels peaceful even if we live in a city.


Well, Chewy might have had a crazy adventure back to his home, but here he is, clearly quite settled in. His favourite spots seem to be any bathtubs, sinks and any place where the sunbeam is living at the moment. 🙂

2 Responses to “Scenes of Home”

  1. Leaky Says:

    Welcome home Chew Chew man!

  2. heather Says:

    chewy is hilarious sitting in the sink – only just seen this. he is looking v settled. have you got your stuff yet. it sounds like its going to ssnow next week over here!
    hope your both well x