The Great Lambing of 2010

So there are a lot of lamb in the UK. In particular, lambs are quite prevelant in Wales (which ends up with the stereotype involving the Welsh and sheep-love). Half of my trips to the countryside involve some sort of lamb sightings. Last Easter, we went down to Rye and, during one walk, we noticed that it was the time of year for new born sheep. So there were tons of cute, skittish sheep trying out the whole walking thing. Very cute.

This year, the whole lambing season seems to have come up quite a bit. Dina and Adrian actually went out and took part in assisting in birthing them some lambs (Dina – feel free to provide some insight if you want!). OK, so this doesn’t sound particularly exciting. And it’s not, since i had nothing to do with lambing. But then, while looking for some interesting British television to show Carolyn’s friend Mehreen who was visiting, we found something rather odd. On BBC2, there was a show called Lambing Live (the “Live” bit is most important) on. Well, we had to check this one out. And lo and behold, the name of the show was exactly right. An entire hour long show about birthing lambs. On primetime. On the second biggest BBC TV Station. They tried to add a little excitment to it, with a profile on the family whose farm they were showing. And I’m sure, if we’d watched the whole thing, it might have included drama like death and financial fun. But the best we saw is that the lamb stands there and the baby just suddenly slides right out.

Anyway, just an odd observation about an odd show that someone felt aided in “Stimulating creativity and cultural excellence”. 🙂

3 Responses to “The Great Lambing of 2010”

  1. Mehreen Says:

    I cannot believe that I come to visit and a posting on “lambing” appears before pictures from our adventures?

    Did have funny insight though – my customs form on returning the the states asked if I had been to a farm or touched any live stock while abroad. Do you think if we had partaken in “lambing” I would have been quarrantined?

  2. matt Says:

    An excellent question. I guess it’s probably good we didnt go lambing with Dina and Adrian, although it might have been interesting to find out.

  3. dina Says:

    unfortunately, we didn’t actually get to do any lambing- it apparently happened out in the fields and then they brought the lambs and ewes back to the barn for bonding. but omg, they were so cute and curious. i got to hold one. if human babies were like lambs, i would have many. it would be a nice short pregnancy (3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days) and then it would run away into the fields and be sweet and fuzzy forever. ps- did you see the lambs jumping for joy on lambing live? wooooowwwwwww