Photo Dump: A Trip along the Llangollen Canal

It’s been a busy month. We’ve just finished up another long weekend of travel, this time along the Welsh border. We rented a canal boat with our friends Ben, Gerry and Dan and travelled at a leisurely pace along the one of the many canals of England. These used to be the power house that allowed the Industrial Revolution to get their goods smoothly from the North down to London and then onto the rest of the world. They were made obselete by the railroads, trucking and cheap Asian labor, but now they exist as a way to enjoy the English countryside. Here are the photos I took from that trip (our friends took many more, but I think this covers it pretty well):

Canal boat trip photos

2 Responses to “Photo Dump: A Trip along the Llangollen Canal”

  1. Mom and Dad Says:

    So many comments…so little time!

    1. Loved the pirate motif. Who made the pirate flag and brought Pirate Miss Kitty along?

    2. How did you get the boat parked sideways in Wrenbury Mills?

    3. Matt! Running in your Berks….you’re going to fall and break a leg! (Yes, Mother!)

    4. Was it cold? You looked bundled up in some of the pictures.

    5. These pictures were great – really told the tale of your trip. Glad to see Carolyn at the controls.

    6. Linda and Jim: The four of us should go to London together and let Matt and Carolyn take us on one of these trips. What fun!

    Mom and Dad B

  2. matt Says:

    So many questions! 🙂

    1) Gerry and Dan made the flag. Dan bought the Hello Kitty in Whitchurch and we decked her out in honour of the holiday.
    2) We let the boat company handle that complex manuveur back into the boatyard. We did have to turn it around to get back and get itthrough the locks and bridges tho!
    3) Yes mother. 😛
    4) It was cold in the mornings and at night, but during the day it was quite nice. So nice, i could wear sandals.
    5) Carolyn piloted the boat quite nicely.
    6) Take you?? if you come, you’ll be driving the boat as well! 🙂