Love Amongst the Ruins

So, when I made my last trip to the US, when I just happened to get married myself, there was a lot of love in the air. Consider this a first entry on some of that love. The week before Carolyn and I got hitched, my friend, Jackie and her long-time boyfriend JC decided to celebrate their many years together with a Celebration of Love. Jackie was one of my singing friends from college and the whole ceremony was partly a chance for people to show their feelings about this event through music and whatnot. So, I agreed to sing with some of my old friends. Jackie chose “A Single Drop of Honey” by Abigail Washburn, which is a beautiful two-part harmony acapella song. So, Carolyn and I made a short trip up from NJ to Briarcliff, NY for the event.

The location was amazing. Right next door to where Jackie grew up, there was the ruins of what was apparently an old coach house. They spent 6 months clearing the brush and remains to create a wonderful spot for the event (this was NOT a wedding):


An organically beautiful center for the ceremony. I’ll put some larger photos elsewhere that do the whole scene justice. It really was a wonderful spot.

Jackie and JC both came towards the center from opposite ends of the aisle to meet and unite at the arch. They were played down the aisles by our friend Seth who did an accordion version of All the Things You Are. Before you laugh and start thinking “polka music?!?”, Seth is very talented and did an excellent job and made it wonderful and beautiful. Of course, we knew he would as he played us down the aisle for our wedding on a piano a week later. Here is Seth with his trusted instrument:


The celebration was headed up by a local minister who knew Jackie and her family for a while. However, this being a non-religious celebration of love, he had the task of giving a secular ceremony. He was up to the task and did a very nice job. Sprinkled in were readings by some of Jackie and JC’s friends from all over, one of them even came all the way from Alaska. At various points, there were musical interludes including one in which we did a little singing:


After the ceremony, we all retired for a tasty vegetarian (ok, there was a fish dish) party and good beer. It was a fun time and a beautiful celebration.

4 Responses to “Love Amongst the Ruins”

  1. Mom and Dad Says:

    Sounds wonderful! Many years of happiness for all of the newly “coupled” couples.

  2. Mom and Dad Says:

    Oh, and you’re right….Seth is very talented and did a terrific job for you and Carolyn. Thank you, Seth.

  3. matt Says:

    Seth was definitely excellent at both weddings. We were pleased to have him favor us with his wonderful music as were Jackie and JC.

  4. anne Says:


    Why do we never get to actually hear you sing?