Radiohead Live

So Radiohead would be up there atop my favourite bands. Over the last 15 years, they’ve played standard guitar-rock and experimented with more esoteric electronic music. Their latest album, In Rainbows, broke new ground in that you bought the digital format directly from the band and you could pay 1p or pay £10000000. The price was up to you. They’ve always impressed me with the musical skills and the ground they’ve broken. I saw them live in 2002 and, when Adrian offered the chance to pick up some tickets, I said yes.

The fun really started on Tuesday, 24 June. Radiohead had two shows in London’s Victoria Park. Dina and Adrian said our ticket was for the first night, Tuesday. So we met up at a convenient point and made our way to the park. After some beers, we tried to enter. They wouldn’t let us in. Looking at this photo, can you tell us what’s wrong with this ticket?


Yes, the actual date of our ticket was for Wednesday, NOT Tuesday. In fact, we had tickets for the following day! 🙂

After much merriment, we made the most of it and enjoyed our company. Hopefully this shows us in good spirits (I’m not really pissed off):


Sooo, after some beers on Tuesday, we went our separate ways with a plan in mind to meet up the next day to actually see the band. After making absolutely sure we had our tickets and the right night, we met up tonight to see Radiohead. It was a good performance. Obviously, they are a very popular band and have long passed the point of having shows in intimate clubs, which are typically the ideal location. However, they played a 2+ hour set that spanned the whole range of their impressive career. They played music from all their albums and satisfied everyone. The crowd was bit un-exciting, but it allowed us to roam a bit and take Radiohead in from all angles. Here would be one of them:


The concert, as all good things, had to end. We made our way towards the train and here I am, writing about all of it. I would have to say I’m not the best for concert reviews, but they ended with Paranoid Android from OK Computer and it was absolutely brilliant. Their song selection was excellent and each song was dead on and beautifully performed. I really enjoyed it.

3 Responses to “Radiohead Live”

  1. Mac Says:

    Classic. At least you didn’t show up Wednesday with a Tuesday-night ticket! Say hi to D&A for us!

  2. anne Says:

    It *almost* makes me want to get a Lollapalooza ticket to see them again. But I don’t think it’s quite enough.

  3. Dave Says:

    Does the girl up on her boyfriend’s shoulders in the picture realize that it’s a Radiohead concert?