Someone’s a-moving to London!

So Carolyn’s visa came through with no problem. I’m back in the UK and this means that very very soon, Carolyn will be moved here and can look for work and no more distance. Hurray! Very exciting.

In saddening news, I came back to find Anna extremely thin. She’d had problems and some very nice friends had taken her to the vet. She’s seems ok, but she is really really skinny. The vet took some blood and hopefully, they’ll have some news soon. Poor kitty.

3 Responses to “Someone’s a-moving to London!”

  1. dina Says:

    yeah, just what we need here- another bloody yank.

  2. mehreen Says:

    Matt – I’m very concerned that you wrote more about the cat then about Carolyn coming.

    Dina – if you don’t want Carolyn we’ll gladly take her back in the USA 🙂

  3. Mom and Dad Says:

    Too late, Mehreen. The Badanes have Carolyn locked away in London for the duration!

    Glad to have met you at the wedding. And thanks for the reading. Several of our friends commented on what a wonderful selection it was.

    Mom and Dad Badanes