And a Merry Easter to You!

Since I’ve got another bank holiday, I thought I’d start the day off with a little Easter festivities. In keeping with our youth, all parties involved this weekend made sure we ate plenty of Cadbury candy (mmmm, cream eggs). However, on Easter Sunday, Carolyn and I decided to take a trip to church. Well, which church does one go to for Easter whilst living in London?


Why Westminster Abbey, of course! It was a very chilly, snowy March day and we got off to a bit of a late start and arrived just as things were getting started. And there was still a line out the door. However, the folks running things were very efficient and the line moved quickly an we managed to get inside to a standing room only service. We found a nice pillar to lean against which afforded us a decent view of things. Alas, being part of the unwashed masses, we were standing in the back half which is behind a large decorative divider which made it hard to see much beyond the Gospel reading (which was done right in front of us) and the backs of the London Brass who played for the service. The music was beautiful overall. They had an organist, the London Brass and the Westminster Choir performing during parts like the offering and Communion. It was a very nice way to spend your Easter morning.

What’s that you say? That picture could have been taken anytime since it’s always gray and rainy in London? Here’s the Easter program:


Hope everyone had a happy Easter. And to those of you in the US who had to work on Easter Monday? Ttthhhbbt!! 🙂

One Response to “And a Merry Easter to You!”

  1. Linda Says:

    Carolyn and Matt, I am so glad that you went to church for Easter. I love Dina’s hair do. She looks happy to see you. Love , Mom