Morning in Arizona

Well, let’s try to get things started back up with a view in my parents backyard.


I woke up nice and early and watched the sun coming up over that mountain range. They basically live in a forest of cacti. Very nice. I might need a number of posts to show off this really nice house.

Prior to that, I was in New Jersey having fun doing prep for my upcoming wedding. Carolyn and her mom have been doing an amazing amount of work on this, so I just showed up for some mall trips and tasting cakes (mmmm). I was able to make a quick trip into NYC to see some folks as well. Then I hopped a couple of planes to Arizona where I’m taking in the beauty that is the Arizona desert. More to come!

3 Responses to “Morning in Arizona”

  1. anne Says:

    And is it warm? I bet winter in the desert is nice. Summer, not really my bag.

  2. matt Says:

    Well, considering it’s been 70 on the east coast, it’s freezing! 🙂
    But ignoring that whole odd spike in temperature, it’s in the 60s or 70s during the day and nice and pleasant and then gets down around freezing at night. It’s a desert, after all. I did manage to get some color yesterday. I forgot to wear sunblock.

  3. anne Says:

    Yeah? Our high on Saturday in Chicago is going to be 6. SIX!!
    And that’s when my folks are visiting….from the East Coast. 🙂