Lots of Paris Photos

OK, technically, the previous post was the last one on Paris. However, I’ve had a few people who have seen that I usually take more than 3 photos of a place mention that they’d like to be able to access these photos outside of my apartment. Now I could easily do this with flickr or ofoto or a million other sites that I have no control over. Instead, I’ve set up an area where I’ll try to dump my photos on a regular basis for all the world to enjoy. While I’ll not upload really shitty pictures or ones where I took 7 trying to get the right angle or focus, it’ll pretty much be raw. The photos are about half their original size (otherwise, it’ll load veeeery slowly) but they’re still quite large. If i feel like a photo needs an explanation, I might add one, but that’ll be it. And i’ll just add a link to the blog when a new one is created. So, without further adieu:

Matt’s Paris Trip — December 2007

(If you want to see any and all photos I might have on that site, check out the Main Picture Page)

2 Responses to “Lots of Paris Photos”

  1. Mom and Dad Badanes Says:

    It’s great to see all of the other pictures – is there one of you heading into the men’s room (during Carolyn’s October visit)? It must be hard to pick the couple to post on the main page.


  2. matt Says:

    Ah, no that’s the entrance to a tunnel under the Thames from Greenwich to the Isle of Dogs. The next picture in the series is Carolyn in the tunnel. Yeah, sometimes, it’s hard to pick 3 or 4 photos for some events.