A Parisian Christmas

Last night, after a late dinner preceeded by a long day at work, I was walking back to my hotel which is right off Boulevard Haussmann. This also happens to be conveniently where the very large department stores are located. And, for the holidays, they appear to go all out. The exteriors are decked out in many many lights and the displays are linked together in winter themes, all done very nicely. It might have been 11pm and the stores might have been closed, but the windows were crowded with people checking out what the offerings this season were. Allow me to demonstrate pictorally:


This store takes up a city block and the entire store is covered in lights. It’s very impressive to check out.


The next block is home to Au Printemps. Even without the lights, I think this would be an amazing 19th century building (just look at the sign on it). Their lights were a little more subtle but had strobes flashing as accents as well.

I mentioned the window displays. Here are a couple of samples from Au Printemps


Every other window contained scenes of automated marionettes. This is a chorus of owls which would raise their wings in unison. A band is playing to the right of the photo. There were also scenes of foxes and deer.


In between the whimsy were the more classic windows with maneqins but still fit with the white winter theme of the more lively windows.

3 Responses to “A Parisian Christmas”

  1. dina Says:

    i totally forgot you were in paris. wow, this is amazing. macy’s has some work to do. ps- it’s so so so so cold here at the moment, maybe you should actually go inside one of these stores and get some winter gear? i am currently wearing a hat and blanket inside my heated flat. maybe it will be better when you get back, but this is the coldest i’ve felt all year.

  2. matt Says:

    Yeah, the NYC stuff just doesn’t compare. I wandered down the Champs Elyssee last night and they deck every little tree along it in colors. It’s impressive.

    I’m freezing my ass here. But, since I’ve mostly been working, any time I have to see Paris, I’m taking, so I’m just sucking it up in the cold. This afternoon will hopefully be the Louvre. 🙂

  3. matt Says:

    My new camera (thanks Carolyn!) takes some really nice photos. I was just thinking that looking at the mannequin pic and the one of the exterior of Au Printemps. I’m very happy with it.