Cat Mummies

Just to return o’ so briefly to the theme of Egypt, here are some cat mummies:


Now, I love my cats, but this is a bit extreme. I would never do this to Anna and Chewy no matter how much I like having them around. And, as it turns out, neither did the Egyptians. These are not mummies of beloved members of their households, but actually sacrifices. Again, each animal signified some trait that was good to have as a person passed into the afterlife. So, they’d round up a cat, break its neck and bury it with the person. They also had fish and eel mummies to the left of these fine felines. Poor animals.

One Response to “Cat Mummies”

  1. Mom and Dad Badanes Says:

    But Matt….they look just like Chewy and Anna! Did you check to make sure they were still at home when you left this morning?